Dealing with Loose Stools in German Shepherds


German Shepherds are known to have sensitive digestion. Loose or runny stool can be caused by a number of things: stress, a virus, change in diet, and drinking unclean water are the most common causes. To help prevent this it is important your GSD be on a well balanced diet with a quality dog food.When you travel take a thermos of water from your home. Never use strange tap water.

If you do have a problem with loose stools, diarrhea we have several home remedies that work very well. Both remedies should be continued for several days. If you do not see improvement or you notice dry sticky gums and a change in color from pink to white gums you should consult your Vet as soon as possible.

The first one is canned pumpkin. Not the canned ready to make pie pumpkin.. just plain canned pumpkin. For the average german shepherd we recommend a cup of it. You can give it by itself or mix it in with the kibble. Not all german shepherds will take to pumpkin though.

The second remedy is rice and ground beef. You can use minute rice or any white rice you like. You will want to brown off a small amount of hamburger while you cook the rice. Drain off any fat or liquid from the hamburger. The meat is just there to get your german shepherd to eat the rice which has the starches needed to help firm up the stool.

Add a one fourth cup of plain cultured yogurt to assist the natural bacteria in the digestive tract to your dogs food or to the remedies above. Most dogs love yogurt and it is good for them.

Another major consideration with loose stools or diarrhea with your dog will be dehydration. A sure sign of dehydration is the skin on the tummy can be pinched and it will not just bounce back and dry or sticky gums. You will want to get your dog to your vet as soon as possible if you see these symptoms. We recommend supplementing the dog’s water with Pedialite, which can be found in the baby care section of your local grocery store. This will help replace some of the nutrients lost and help keep the dog hydrated.


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